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Shadows and Wings.

Small House Press, 2013.

Tomas, a cellist and dreamer, denies the devastating changes happening in 1930's Germany-until he is drafted into Hitler's Wehrmacht. Many years later, having emigrated to Australia, he raises his granddaughter Lara to love music and birds. He also chooses to hide from her a terrible secret. When her beloved Opa dies, 22 year-old Lara receives a shadow box of mysterious ornaments that force her to confront his past. Seeking to understand his years of silence, and to find a way through her own grief, she travels to Germany-the objects her only guide. Shadows & Wings is a novel of cyclic journeys between hemispheres, the connections between ourselves and those we can never know, and the haunting power of art, love and dreams.


... emotionally effective... heart wrenching... well-told double story...

- Indie Reader - 4.5 Stars


This book is so tender, so raw, and yet indescribably lovely... absolute magic.

- San Francisco Book Review - 4.5 Stars


.. impressive first novel ... vivid, heartfelt ... a writer of great gift and high promise. 

- BlueInk


Exquisitely written, exceptionally engaging, and deeply thoughtful. 

- ForeWord


Through its wonderful descriptions and complex characterization Shadows & Wings is a book that can make a reader reflect on their influence and their understanding of the world.

- Portland Book Review


Shadows & Wings is a well crafted, well written book which engages both emotion and intellect. It has a combination of all the ingredients that make for a best seller.

- BlogCritics

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